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Turbinas de energía verde

      Albitel and its group have more than 30 years experience in the renewable energy field, having been one of the pioneers of the industry in Europe. We have helped to design, develop, construct, commission, finance and operate over 10GW of wind and solar projects in different geographies.


Albitel's consultancy services include among others:

Project Management & Site Management

Project Development

Renewable Energy Expertise

Auditing, Asset Optimization & Asset Management

Due Diligence



Project Management & Site Management

     Albitel provides project and site management services to optimize and ensure project executions in renewable energy fields, from initial project development and resource campaigns to wind or solar project constructions.


     We count on years of experience in the field and optimized processes to apply to any project.  

Con turbinas
Técnicos de paneles solares

Project Development

    Our team has been involved in the full development of over 10GW of wind and solar project development, from green- to brownfield.


    We support developers to accomplish their goals to ensure Ready-To-Build MW goals in different geographies, providing from project management to field work team on site. 


Renewable Energy Expertise

    Our expertise helps customers in ensuring standards, lender requirements, owners interests and best industry practices are kept throughout all project phases. We become your Renewable Energy Expert assessing your company in all stages, bringing our decades of experience. 


Apretón de manos en la oficina
Un personal revisando los paneles solares

Auditing, Asset Optimization

& Asset Management 

      Albitel and its group have been managing both own and third party renewable energy assets since the early 2000s. We provide a complete turnkey solution to manage renewable energy assets both from a technical and administrative point of view. 


Due Diligence

       Legal and Technical Due Diligence is one of our widest fields of expertise. Our group has supported over 30 transactions of different nature with our due diligence services, having been recognized by most reputed financial institutions. 


Campos de cultivo

Your Renewable Partner

Your projects in the best Hands

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Wind & Solar Projects




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