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Granja de energía

     What began more than 30 years ago as a small engineering group specialized in Telecommunications, is today an international business reality, firmly committed to the Environment, which offers solutions to Renewable Energy projects, specialized facilities, data processing , management of generation plants, and a whole range of services to offer comprehensive and structured solutions with high added value tailored to our clients and acting in any phase of the projects
     In addition to
Albitel's human team, made up of highly experienced Engineers, Financial Experts, Administrative Management Technicians, Legal Advisors and a long “etcetera”, we have specific business instruments through our subsidiaries and affiliated companies to achieve a Comprehensive Offer, sufficiently specialized and at the same time capable of assuming the necessary tasks for the development of business projects. 

      We are experts in optimizing the different areas of a Project. We address both the administrative development and the technical resolution of projects at all stages, implementing our own processes optimized after decades of experience in the field in different markets. We collaborate closely with the main players in the industry, from technology manufacturers to data analysts or financial institutions. 

      Albitel provides the widest portfolio of services to support Renewable Energy projects worldwide, from project development to owner's advisory. A glance of added value to support any project, anytime, anywhere to anyone.

      Starting with our consultancy services, Albitel and its group counts of
30 years experience in the renewable energy field, having been one of the pioneers of the industry in Europe. We have helped to design, develop, construct, commission, finance and operate over 10GW of wind and solar projects in different geographies.

      Albitel’s portfolio of services is completed by solutions for Integral Project Management, Asset Management and Optimization, Technical, Legal and Administrative Due Diligence.

      Our track record is backed up by the confidence, trust and good results provided to customers in over 10 different countries. We are experts in satisfying customer needs by making their projects successful.

      Our technical and engineering teams have wide experience in adopting industry standards to real project needs, considering every single project details, such as its location, the local needs and regulations and, most important, considering financial institutions from the first step of each project.

Summarizing, wide experience applied to professional engineering, effective implementation and optimized financials.

Among those affiliates our most recognized subsidiaries are:  

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   Tecno Albura. Company specialized in Installations of a very diverse nature and with a very extensive experience of 30 years.


  TECNO is Albitel’s execution, installations and field services arm. Founded in 1992, TECNO provides complete turnkey and contract solutions in the fields of engineering, retail, real estate, infrastructure and energy. Our company has participated in the most reputed turnkey projects in Spain and abroad.  

Puntos de conexión

      Simasol Albitel LLC  (SIMA DATA) with headquarters in Detroit (USA), offers overall capabilities in data management, data reporting and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in the Energy , Aeronautics, Automotive and many other industries.  

The solution to your needs in the best hands


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NRG Systems

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Wind & Solar Projects




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