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Singular Self-Consumption

Turbinas de viento

         In addition to our utility-scale capabilities, Albitel has a wide experience in developing and implementing renewable energy projects for self-consumption applications, having specialized in singular projects

         Our projects can presume of having always considered best in class quality both in the design and the execution phase, for a simple reason: self-consumption means taking care of your own future, a long term future

         Since over 30 years we have designed wind and solar based solutions to power building, factories, residential and industrial facilities of different nature, as well as agriculture solutions. We were pioneers in the field and bring our highest level of expertise in utility scale projects to small and medium size projects. 

         Different size but same approach. We are a turnkey solutions provider also in this field, from the analysis of the demand track record to its forecasting, from engineering to procurement, from installation to operation.


Everything in our hands to ensure that valuable future. 

Campos de flores
Techo de paneles solares

Your Renewable Partner

Your projects in the best Hands

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Wind & Solar Projects




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