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CFD Consulting

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CFD consulting services

       With the acquisition of Simasol Albitel LLC with headquarters in Detroit (USA), along with our partners SIMASOL, our company has ensured its overall capabilities in data management, data solutions and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in the Energy, Aeronautics, Automotive and many other industries.  

       Simasol Albitel is the result of years of experience and expertise in the field of data modeling, management and CFD calculations, based on self-developed machine learning and AI algorithms.  

       Our SIMA DATA services suite applies machine learning Artificial Intelligence routines to automate data management campaigns, being able to detect, analyze, interpret and report any sort of incidents in data. This added to the wide expertise of our Senior team in Energy and Aeronautics, ensures professional state-of-art data management. 

       SIMA DATA suite includes CFD services of any kind, with own supercomputer calculation capabilities at our headquarters in the USA. We provide competitive and detailed complete CFD solutions to your projects. 

We are AI.

HPC cluster (High performance computing) / +1400 CPUs with infiniband connection

           Albitel offers specialized services in computational fluid dynamics (CFD). We offer comprehensive CFD solutions to meet the diverse needs of our customers in different application sectors.

           CFD is a powerful and sophisticated computational tool that allows us to simulate and analyze fluid flow and heat transfer phenomena in various industries. Through advanced numerical methods and algorithms, we can model and predict the behavior of fluids, gases, and complex multiphase systems, enabling us to make informed decisions and optimize designs.

           Our team of highly skilled engineers and scientists utilizes state-of-the-art CFD software and methodologies to deliver accurate and reliable results. Whether you require simulations for aerodynamics, thermal management, combustion analysis, or any other fluid-related challenges, we have the expertise to assist you.

           With our CFD services, you gain valuable insights into fluid behavior, enabling you to enhance product performance, optimize energy efficiency, minimize risks, and reduce costs. Our thorough analysis and interpretation of CFD data empower you to make informed design modifications, leading to improved product quality and performance.

           Albitel understands the importance of tailoring CFD solutions to each client's unique requirements. We collaborate closely with you to define project objectives, select appropriate simulation models, and refine parameters to ensure the accuracy and relevance of our results.

Real practical example of application

Today's automotive lithium batteries used in electric cars need to be as stable as possible in temperature. This is important as it will directly affect their lifespan, charge cycles and performance.

For this purpose, electric car manufacturers use Glycol water circuits to cool the batteries during use and recharging. By means of intelligent thermal management of the batteries, manufacturers such as TESLA or MERCEDES-BENZ have succeeded in creating vehicles with a range of +500 km while preserving 70% of their original capacity after 100,000 km.

Client: Automobile manufacturer

Study of analysis and optimisation of a cooling circuit of a battery module for their electric cars.

Conditions: Cooling circuit flow 2.79 lpm, 25C*, and heat flux 5000 W/m2.

Requirements: Optimisation of the thermal management of the batteries. Objective: maximum temperature difference at the contact interface with the batteries 2C*.

3D model of a battery module cooling circuit provided by the customer

Heat load

For the CFD study, our team of experts will develop a unique mesh of the customer's component that will allow us to use our computational power to obtain the necessary data for the study of the most optimal solution for the customer's needs.


Our computational capacity will allow our team to obtain relevant conclusions such as the temperature of the fluid during its entire path, the velocity or the pressure. This will allow us to make really relevant decisions for possible improvement and adaptation to the client's needs.

  Conclusions and design improvement  

After running the various simulations, our experts' analysis of the data showed the existence of a hot spot that was outside the customer's specifications, which required a maximum of 2C temperature difference at the interface. 

The knowledge of this hot spot will enable Albitel to offer the client a solution to their model that improves the current one and meets the initial requirements proposed.



Pressure Drop

Cold plate pressure drop: 49.20 mbar

Heat Transfer coefficient

HTC= 1146.18 W/m² K

Cell Surface Temperature

DT= Tmax-Tmin= 27.83 °C – 25.06 °C = 2.77 °C

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HPC cluster (High performance computing) / +1400 CPUs with infiniband connection

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       At Albitel, we pride ourselves on being industry professionals with expertise in various sectors of application. Our CFD services offer endless possibilities for sectors such as renewable energy, automotive, aerospace, and more.


       With our advanced CFD simulations, we provide accurate and detailed analysis, enabling our clients to make informed decisions and optimize their designs. Whether you're seeking to enhance the performance of renewable energy systems, improve aerodynamic efficiency in automotive design, or optimize airflow in aerospace applications, our team of experts is here to assist you.


       We understand the unique challenges that each industry presents, and we tailor our CFD solutions to meet your specific needs. Our commitment to excellence ensures that we deliver reliable and cost-effective results, empowering you to achieve your goals efficiently.


       By harnessing the power of CFD, we can simulate and analyze complex fluid dynamics phenomena, visualize airflow patterns, optimize thermal management, reduce energy consumption, and enhance overall product performance. Our state-of-the-art CFD techniques combined with our deep understanding of industry requirements make us the ideal partner for your CFD needs.


       Explore the endless possibilities of CFD with Albitel. Discover how our expertise can benefit your industry and take your projects to new heights.

Sectors in which we specialise. 

The best solution to your needs.



· Hydraulic analysis

· Thermal analysis

· Reacting flows

· Compressible flows



turbinas de viento


Simulation of aeros and

wind shadow

Simulation of wind distribution

in complex terrain



Cargador de coche eléctrico


Design analysis and optimization of cooling channels for batteries

Car body aerodynamic analysis



Nave espacial en orbita


Rocket nozzle flows

Thermal analysis of combustion chambers

Design of combustion chamber cooling



       With our advanced CFD techniques, we provide precise analysis, optimizing designs, and improving performance. Our experienced team utilizes state-of-the-art software and cutting-edge methodologies to deliver accurate results and drive innovation.

       Whether you need airflow optimization, thermal management, energy efficiency, or any other CFD-related service, our comprehensive solutions cater to your specific requirements. We ensure seamless integration of CFD into your projects, providing valuable insights that empower you to make informed decisions.

       By partnering with us for your CFD needs, you gain access to industry-leading expertise, customized solutions, and a commitment to delivering exceptional results. Experience the power of CFD and unlock new possibilities for your business with Albitel.

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