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NRG Systems


          Albitel is the Authorized Representative of NRG Systems in Europe Middle East and Africa. We are helping NRG systems expanding its presence all across the region, supporting all its product lines. 

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This is NRG 

NRG Systems


          35 years ago, NRG revolutionized the way wind resource assessment was done. Today, this heritage of innovation informs everything NRG does. NRG is still dedicated to designing and manufacturing smart technologies for a more sustainable planet—that is why its product line has grown to include tools for a range of wind, solar, and meteorological applications. 

          NRG Systems started making pioneering, high-quality products for the wind industry in the early 1980s. As climate challenges became more numerous and complex, we expanded our offerings to include smart technologies for a range of wind, solar, and meteorological applications. NRG Systems’ remarkably user-friendly sensors, measurement systems, and remote sensing solutions are designed with customers in mind.


NRG products can be found in more than 170 countries—a testament to their versatility and ease-of-use. 

          NRG believes that the need for more efficient energy, cleaner air, and a safer environment, is not bound by country or continent. That’s why NRG developed groundbreaking systems that allow NRG to ship products to any project site, anywhere in the world. It’s also why NRG’s team is constantly on the move, zigzagging the globe to speak at conferences, meet with customers, and lead trainings and installations everywhere from Yangshuo to Saskatchewan.  

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