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Ingenieros en el techo solar

      We take care of all engineering aspects for your renewable energy project, from initial design engineering to complete construction engineering works for Wind and Solar projects across the globe. Our track record in the renewable energy sector is proven with over 3 GW of projects (Wind and Solar) where our engineering works have allowed a successful project implementation, optimizing both final CAPEX and OPEX figures. 

        Our expertise in the engineering field goes from the plant design and optimization according to applicable standards and industry best practices to the optimization of reiteration process to adapt plant designs to dynamic site needs. Project development and execution is part of our DNA and applying our experience in the field helps ensuring the optimization and effectiveness level to the highest extend. 


Our engineering services include both in Wind and Solar power projects: 

Complete Plant Designs. Civil, Electrical and Energy calculations.  


Development Phase Engineering  


As-Built Engineering 


Design and Calculation of Grid Interconnection systems. Substations. 



All of it with three main goals in mind:

Optimize CAPEX and OPEX, Fulfill Standards and Best Industry Practices and Ensure Project Viability and Bankability. 

Complete Plant Design

Civil, Electrical and Energy calculations

Albitel can develop the overall design your Wind or Solar PV plant, making use of the most advanced and reputed software and hardware solutions of the market, ensuring bankable solutions according to standards. 

Proyectos de ingeniería
Estructura metálica

Development Phase Engineering

Our wide experience in project development brought us the ability to optimize engineering works to obtain critical project permits, always keeping real project CARPEX/OPEX needs in mind, 

As-Built Engineering

Ensure the right project documentation with our “as-built” engineering services, adding additional layers of confidence in your project execution contracting. 

Apretón de manos en la oficina
Un personal revisando los paneles solares

Design and Calculation of Grid Interconnection systems. Substations. 

More than 2 GW of wind and solar projects developed and supported by our consultancy, development and engineering services, with thousands of kilometers of HV lines and dozens of electrical substations of any kind. 

Your Renewable Partner

Your projects in the best Hands

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Wind & Solar Projects

3+ GW


2+ GW

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