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        Tecno Albura is Albitel’s execution, installations and field services arm. Founded in 1992, TECNO provides complete turnkey and contract solutions in the fields of engineering, retail, real estate, infrastructure and energy. Our company has participated in the most reputed turnkey projects in Spain and abroad. 

        During the last 30 years Tecno Solutions has put our capacity to test in complete contracts close to our location, such as the Andalucia Parliament complete turnkey contract, or working far from our main office, such as in the turnkey project carried out for Deutsche Bank to expand their infrastructure in Spain.  

        Since Renewable Energy became part of our life, TECNO has been helping to implement those projects where our projects and customers required field work, by converting our engineering creations into real world. We participated in the design and legalization of complete wind and solar operations and maintenance centers and provide installation services to wind and solar projects.


TECNO is just much more. 

        There have also challenges for each of our jobs, but we have learned from all our customers: from large corporations and from small and medium-sized companies that were starting their commercial journey. 
        Today from our company group, through alliances with the best suppliers, with our own engineering, procurement, logistics, installation and assembly teams, from our commercial team to our customer service structure, we continue to grow for you. 

Designing the future since 1992

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